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HID series
Precision Xenon High Intensity Discharge light

Precision has 7 years experiences of making Xenon light. In the pass 7 years, We sold around 40.000.000 to different countries.




Why HID?


Safety is a fundamental human need

Poor visibility is one of the most frequent causes of accidents on the road. "More light, more sight, more safety" is an important concept for each and every driver - irrespective of age, sex or vehicle and the latest fashions or passing trends.

Nearly 50% of all fatal traffic accidents happen at night. Many of these accidents could be avoided. Inadequate lighting is one of the most common causes of nighttime accidents. One of every five accidents caused by technical failures is a result of defective lighting. In other words, saving money on safety can be dangerous!

At night, the human eye can see only 5% of what it sees under normal daylight conditions. Behind the wheel of a car, our eyes are subject to intense strain at night. This is especially true for older drivers. Young or old, the human eye tires more quickly under poor lighting conditions. Modern car lighting systems are capable of compensating for low light conditions caused by weather or darkness. Bottom line: light enhances both active and passive safety.


Top quality D-lumina brand  EMC Canbus Ballast.



Why Precision?


3 times brighter

With a longer and farer beam pattern  that offer a three times brighter light on the road, that helps the driver to see farer to have more time to react to road hazard.Precision xenon lamp a improved recognition of all different car. cyclist, pedestrians in some country.

Brilliant light pattern

The clear white light produced by the Xenon Standard lamp is similar to daylight. This particular white light reflects road markings and signs better than conventional lighting.

With no less that 80% of all traffic accidents taking place in poorly lit conditions, Xenon Standard light is vitally important to accident prevention.



Xenon Standard light consumes over 50% less energy and thus appeals to an environmentally conscious driver


Longer lifetime

Xenon light has 7 times longer lifetime than traditional halogen light.

D-lumina Top quality Slim ballast


HID Color


Precision D2 Series UV Xenon lamp

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