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 Halogen series
Golden Yellow Halgen
Night breaker halogen
Golden yellow HOD
Superwhite HOD Lamp
E1 OEM Halogen lamp
Xenon white halogen
silver chromed lamp
Halogen series
Precision Halogen Lighting
Precision begun making car halogen lamps from 1993 years, is earliest Manufacture who makes car halogen lamps. Now. Our halogen series products covers halogen headlight lamps, car halogen signal small lamps.
Precision New sliver chrome invisible signal lamps

1.    Invisible, People only can see the lamps when light was turn on
2.    Longer life ,Twice longer life than traditional halogen lamps
3.    Reasonable price. Price is slightly higher than normal lamps
4.    More fashion
5.    For luxury car
6.    Amber and Red color available
Precision Super white halogen lamp

1.    Superwhite halogen lamps improved lots brightness and color temperature. The Superwhite halogen emit xenon white color same as daylight color.
2.    The super white provide up to 50% more light.
Precision small bulbs.
Precision lamps has  special coatings so they produce a higher colour temperature and therefore the impression of blue light.
COOL BLUE sidelight lamps are a sensible addition to OSRAM XENARC HID (gas discharge lamps), COOL BLUE headlight lamps and halogen headlight lamps to underline the bluish impression. Also available for Red,Amber, Green, Pink, Purple.
Precision Gold Tint Yellow Halogen lamp

Gold Tint halogen lamp emit 3000K Golden Yellow color.
Blueseatec Brand UV Brightness Plus



Precision OEM Halogen lamp

 Precision automotive lamps have the following information on them:
12V/55w 24V/55w, 12V/100W,24V/100W

  No Brand Neutral Paper box


Blueseatec gold yellow  plastic case


Blueseatec superwhite plastic box 

No-brand plastic packing


                                                                Blueseatec Brand UV Brightness Plus packing


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All precision products are Lead-Free,Meet the EU standard
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