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  Precision advertise on Nasdaq Screen on New York

  Precision advertise on Nasdaq Big Screen on New York in 29th of April 


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   Precision lighting (Branch of Blueseatec Inc) is dedicated to manufacturing car light in full range and household led related products-with environments and safety ,beauty ,attractive, sophisticated and technically perfect. Also Precision is a leading provider of solutions and applications for both professional and consumer markets. Precision has three famous brand,Precision,Blueseatec,Europilot and D-LUMINA.
Now, Precision is a largest automotive led light manufacturer in China, The main products cover household led ,auto led products, xenon HID, halogen lamp.
In 2003, Precision has been founded, The halogen series products was main product from 2003 to 2005. Precision had been fast growing by unceasing innovation and good Chinese high-speed growth demand of car light.
Early 2005, Precision had invested 100 million to introduce the Xenon Lamp technology and machines from Germany, At that time, Precision was one of few xenon maker in China, at next year, Precision begun to launch auto L.E.D project under strong support from Local government . Precision brand auto led are very famous worldwide. Precision enter household led industrial at end of 2009 for China domestic only. Since 2010, Precision have begun to develop a series led products for overseas market. Precision products are distributed globally with sales outside china accounting for 50% of total turnover and a sales presence on every continent .We are a true global player.
We believe that our client base is unique and are the most important element in our business structure, Quality is most important for growth of a corporation and we will always strive to achieve a long-lasting and successful relationship to the mutual benefit of all parties involved

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