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  Precision E1/DOT OEM Halogen Lamp


It is very good opportunity now to get a exclusive agent for a deluxe halogen brand. You save lots time to built a brand, and money for making packing. As long as your can reach following condition , you could apply as Blueseatec brand halogen lamp in your country.

Advantage of Blueseatec:

1. Extreme reliable quality halogen lamp. Few trouble to handle after-sales issues and built reliability. 

2. Professional packing box. It is much easy to attract customers.

3. We offer special discount to agent. (order amount: 5%/>$5000, 10%>$100000, 15%>$20000)

Condition:( the customer has one of following conditions can apply as exclusive agent)

1. The value for first formal order (except for sample order) is reach $10000.

2. The yearly sales amount reach $50000.

3. Top E-bay seller in its country.

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