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  How to know the Precision quality LEDs is better than others



The LED from Precision must come with followings .


1.       Brightest LED in China in same type, Customer never found other factory who has a brighter led than Precision for same type LEDs.

2.       Very long lasting, Precision use very reliable chip to produce our automotive led lamp,  We ensure that our led can last more than 10 years and very small color-losing . Many LED will lost 30% or more color after working 6 month in market.

3.       Very resonale price, Precision offer the wholesaler with a very resonable price. The price could be negotiated according the quantity. We keep 10-25% profit from our LEDs products, if someone offer you much lower price than Precision, It show that quality must be not reliable, and the price too low to believe.

4.       Very good handwork, We use machine to weld our automotive LEDs, and our LEDs looks good, not sticky. Many customer buy led from China with a very bad look,sticky,and has a bad smell.

5.       Very reliable material. Precision don’t use poor quality material, The PCB board,,glue and components are environmental, Many led maker in China use PCB ,glue and components with non- environmental , it will effect your health when you keep the led in your store.

6.       Fastest shipping time in China, Precision is biggest automotive LED light maker for aftermarket in China, We can produce LED with a amazing fast time. We promise our leading time is fastest in China.

7.       The most advanced technology. Precisoin always keep us ahead of our competitors in China, We launch the new led products regularly. We always has newest products in this industrial. We keep upgrade our products every month.,So, Precision customers always has the newest products in this indutrial.

8.       We offer price according the quantity, it helps our big wholesalers has a competitive price in same area.

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