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 LED Series
T5/T10/BA9S LED Bulbs
P21W/5W LED Lamp
BMW LED Marker
LED Fog Lamp
C5W LED Lamp
LED Display
License Plate LED Light
Logo Door Light
LED Warning Light
LED Strobe light
LED Accessories Light
LED Flasher/ Relay
Switches/ Socket/Fuse
LED Beacon Light
LED Warning Canceller
T10 Festoon LED Display
The Point of Purchase Displays are the perfect tool to market ,
The comparison effect between led and halogen provide your customer
with the information they need to make their buying decision
It comes with 12v power supply unit. two exterior wires to test led also outside, OEM halogen lamp.
LED/HID Tester-A
This tool can test 12V LED lamp and HID Kits. Maximum Current is 10A.
LED Testing Case
Socket including: 10PCS T10,6PCS Festoon, T20 3pcs,2PCS t25,S25 5pcs,2pcs T5, and Each for H7,9006,H11. Box size: 32.5*48.5*19CM
LED Fog light Display
Box size: 32*22*14cm
BA15S LED Display-A
This tool can help consumer to check the differences between led and halgen , the effect is same with lamp on car.
Socket: BA15S
The tool comes with a 3A Power transformer
Box size:370*220*340MM
7443 LED Display-A
Socket: 5pcs 7443
Box size:467* 140*85MM
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