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 LED series
T5/T10/BA9S LED Bulbs
P21W/5W LED Lamp
BMW LED Marker
LED Fog Lamp
C5W LED Lamp
LED Display
License Plate LED Light
Logo Door Light
LED Warning Light
LED Strobe light
LED Accessories Light
LED Flasher/ Relay
Switches/ Socket/Fuse
LED Beacon Light
LED Warning Canceller
LED Metel-shell Power transformer 110/220V-DC12V
25W/0.25kg 35W/0.25kg 50W/0.4kg 75W/0.4kg 100W/0.6kg 120W/0.6kg 150W/0.8kg 200W/0.8kg 250W/1.2kg 300W//1.2kg 400W/1.5kg 500W/1.7kg 600W/1.9kg
Table Transformer 110/220V-DC12V ( Euro plug or USA Plug)
$2.4/1A,12w/0.15kg $3.1/2A,12w/0.15kg
Table transformer 110/220V-DC12V ( Euro plug or USA Plug)
36W 3A/04kg 48W 4A/0.4kg 60W 5A/0.4kg 72W 6A/0.4kg 100W 8A/0.6kg 120W 10A/0.6kg
LED lamp power
12w / 0.15kg 20w /0.16kg 30w / 0.3kg 50w /0.3kg 80w /0.6kg 100w /1.1kg 120w / 1.1kg 150w/1.3kg
PL-LED Auxiliary Tool
Length: 119MM Material: carbon fibre Color: Black
PL-T10 LED Auxiliary Tool
Length: 14MM Material: carbon fibre Color: Black
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